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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ordaining Female Priests OK with Vatican

Since they say ordaining women is "on a par with clergy abuse," the Catholic Church must think female priests are okay, as the Vatican has barely responded one way or the other about its pedophile priests. -ke

From Huffington Post story linked below:

"Last year, the Vatican made ordaining a woman one of the gravest canonical crimes, on par with sexually abusing a child."

They call both priest pedophilia and ordaining women "grave canonical crimes" but then let pedophile priests remain in the clergy. In fact, a Catholic priest has the power to forgive all crimes, so any criminal activity involving a priest is forgivable, so go ahead and start ordaining women...

Circular Reasoning
from Kay Ebeling

RE Pic at left:

From Lance's Blog:

"Designer Camelle Ilona Daley has a line of stylish clerical clothing. The picture at left of a model wearing female priestly garments provoked some controversy on Facebook. Some were offended, I saw one comment that said, "these are the END TIMES..." Some objected to female priests; others objected not to a female priest, but to this particular picture, which seems to them to be suggestive."

See Clergy Collection, fashions for the female priest, at House of Filona

Read story that sparked this blog entry at Huffington Post:

Roy Bourgeois, U.S. Priest Who Backs Women's Ordination, Detained
VATICAN CITY — A U.S. Catholic priest who supports ordination for women was detained briefly by police Monday after marching to the Vatican to press the Holy See to lift its ban on women priests. The Rev. Roy Bourgeois and about a dozen supporters had marched down the main boulevard leading to the Vatican holding a banner "Ordain Catholic Women" and chanting outside St. Peter's Square ...

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