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Monday, November 23, 2009

A guy handed me these papers begging me to post them. Here they are, if they are a smoking gun, please let me know...

UPDATED February 16, 2010:

The guy who gave me these docs was one of the L.A. plaintiffs, panting and sweating at my door, almost foaming at the mouth. He didn't want to come in, just to hand me this wad of papers and ask me to post them. There's 75 pages here, a little light reading, for someone who understands numbers:

(ABOVE are documents that were in a wad of papers a guy handed me two years ago. I feel a real need to get them online, but have hesitated, as I know some people among the crime victims will stop talking to me because I posted these. Oh well.

If there is really nothing wrong here, I would love to hear it. Anyone can email me or call and tell me if these docs say anything revealing, If so, please do let me know.

Numbers dance in front of my head. I don't grasp them.

But the person who handed these to me really wanted them posted, and I waited so long...

He was shaking from head to foot, stood outside my door, handed most of these docs to me, then ran away. I have no agenda or anything to lose or gain by posting these here, my role is to be a conduit here.)