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Friday, October 28, 2011

Imagine Truth of Pedo-Priests Coming Out in Spite of Church PR

I am going through all the notes from 4 years of doing City of Angels Blog and finding gems, many will be posts in 2012.

In process I'm also going through the blog from the beginning in January 2007.

Just found this in April 27, 2008 post at City of Angels 4 2008.

IMAGINE: The true story comes out, including whatever the church is covering up so desperately that they allowed these pedophiles to get at us. Imagine the truth of the total damage to the victims comes out, in spite of the power of PR, pseudo-advocacy, and media control, whatever tactics the church has used, from the start, to shoot down the crime victims and keep the true felonies performed on children from ever being public.

Finding Gems

In my notes from last five years are dozens of posts that never got written, need only a few tweaks before publishing. So when City of Angels Blog returns full speed in January 2012, we will publish those gems from 2007 to 2011.


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