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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Salesian connection:

At left, click to enlarge)
Q: All right, as you sit here today, are you aware of any Salesian priest or brother ever being referred to the Servants of the Paraclete?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you tell me what decade that individual was at the Servants of the Paracletes?
A: There was one in Jemez when I was a novice in 1970 and there was one in St. Louis when I was there in the

'90s and there was one in Jemez that I -- those are the three I remember.
Q: But he predated 1970, correct?
A: Yes.
Page 83-84, the witness is quick to answer that

the priest was treated for schizophrenia, no objection from the church attorney.

However, when asked (p. 83 continued), "Do you know whether he had been accused at any time of having had sexual contact with children or teenagers?


Objection. Lacks foundation, calls for speculation, hearsay and violation of the psychotherapy and clergy privileges and right to privacy.

Five grounds for objection.

But the church attorney had no problem with the witness saying the priest was schizophrenic. In that release of information that the priest had a major mental illness, no privacy violation in the preceding question, just the one about child molesting.

Church attorneys should be disbarred, the way they twisted law for archdioceses.

In God's Name Get This Man Laicized:

August 1960 letter (right)
to "Very Reverend Provincial"


“In God’s Name, get this man laicized as quickly as possible.”

“Men who sin repeatedly with little children certainly fall under the classification of those who ‘it were getter had they not been born.’

“As a layman, the civil authorities will make short work of his activity and place him in the protective custody that his type merit.

“As there are many little children in this Canyon, where I am the shepherd of souls, I could not in conscience consider receiving him here.”


ARTICLE 1950s shows in house publications reported on the Servants. AND another common theme, the Servants DID NOT go to the laity for support. The Laity did not konw about the Servants, but the Bishops and Cardinals were Very Aware of Via Coeli and what type of priests were sent there.

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