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Monday, June 9, 2008

Fitzgerald was a promoter, and he advertised, phoned, visited bishops telling of Via Coeli treatment for pedophiles et al.

By 1957 Fitzgerald did not want to treat pedophiles any more at Via Coeli but preferred to buy an island and put them as far away from civilization as possible.

Quotes: In September 18, 1957 letter below: “To Archbishop and Co-Fonder” (Possibly a letter that was reproduced and sent to many different archbishops)

“For the sake of preventing scandal, we will not offer hospitality to men who have seduced or attempted to seduce little boys or girls.”

“It is for this class of rattlesnake I have always wished the island retreat - but even an island is too good for these vipers.”

“When I see the Holy Father I am going to speak of this class to His Holiness.” Which he did, in the Pope correspondence shown in the letter at the top of this post.

To Set Up An Island:

This Class Of Rattlesnakes:


It’s like pulling teeth, but at left in a May 11, 2007, deposition McNamara does admit that there were tours of the Paracletes’ Via Coeli in the 1950s. Bishops from all over the country would come and have a seminar on priests’ sexual problems, which did include “sexual impropriety.”

Pages 90 and 91 are on the left, click to enlarge and read the deposition. It takes two pages of transcript but McNamara admits there were seminars and tours for bishops in the 1950s. McNamara worked alongside Fitzgerald and took over as Director of Via Coeli when Fitzgerald was forced to step down.

Below in Fitzgerald's Own Hand:

September 26, 1957, letter from Father Gerald to the Bishop of New Hampshire, below, left and right, pages one and two (Click to enlarge).

In context with other documents, the letter shows in 1957 Fitzgerald did not want to return these priests to active duty as "Their repentance is superficial and motivated by a desire to be again in a position where they can continue their wonted activity."
"A new diocese means only greener pastures
"To sum up: we are willing to shelter Father but it should not be with any hope that he will be recommended to another bishop even after he has spent some months with us.
"Even though it is true that many Bishops, especially in the West, are in need of priests."

From Christ the King Seminary in New York to Father Gerald at left, documenting a phone call, shows that bishops were communicating with Fitzgerald on a casual personal, friendly basis about their problem priests.

Bishops knew who Fitzgerald was and what he was doing at Jemez Springs with pedophile priests as far back as 1959, as we see in this phone memo.

The memo above follows up on a phone call to Jemez Springs about Robert John Smith, saying there had been “complaints by some parents” It’s dates September 11, 1959.

Robert John Smith, pedophile priest apparently came to Jemez Springs after that phone call. Here is all we have in bishop accountability (so far) about Robert Smith pedophile priest:

Seminarian. “Accused of abuse. Died 1987 Santa Fe. New Mexico. Source: Albuquerque Journal 3.20.98


FATHER GERALD was ever a promoter. At left we see a letter that was apparently mimeographed (It was 1957) or typed over and over with carbon paper and sent to Archbishops and cofounders. Since everyone knows what he's talking about, he only uses code words.

In the above left letter Gerald Fizgerald writes to an anonymous Archbishop or Cofounder:

"It is for this class of rattlesnake I have always wished the island retreat."

Fitzgerald is planning to see the Pope:

"When I see the Holy Father I am going to speak of this class to His Holiness."

He did meet with Pope Pius VI in 1963, unfortunately, the Pope he's been speaking with for years, Pope John, had died one month earlier.

The letter documenting Fitzgerald's audience with the Pope in 1963 where he discussed peophile priests, is in a separate post titled -- "

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