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Monday, June 16, 2008

LA PROOF: Ties between St. John Seminary, LA Archbishop, & Paracletes rehab center for pedophile priests shown in deposition testimony & letters

By Kay Ebeling

The bishops claim times were different back then, how could they know about pedophile priests? Truth is in the 1960s Timothy Manning, Archbishop of Los Angeles, was sending so many priests to Via Coeli in New Mexico, (in photo below right), he was talking with center director Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald about opening a branch of the rehab center near Los Angeles.

Fitzgerald's assistant, Fr. Joseph McNamara, even made a trip to San Bernardino to meet with Bishop Phillip Straling about opening up such a branch.

Below, McNamara testifies for the LA Clergy Cases about the relationship between the LA Archdiocese and Via Coeli in a June 2007 deposition. He confirms he and Father Gerald took bishops from all over the country on tours of the rehab center. Also below, Letters from 1959 and 1960 reveal a regular conversation between hierarchy "padres" about the pedophile priest problem in the LA Archdiocese and at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo Ca. (A young McNamara is pictured at right.)

Click the docs here to enlarge, read them, print them, there are more to come next week from this Paracletes Collection. You should be able to print a copy of the enlarged docs for yourself from your screen.

How about if 50 or so activists print these and other particularly condemning documents and take them to the US congressional offices in our regions? We can use this blog as a platform to make sure people all over the country have a collection of items. This calls for a concerted organized effort, if anyone is getting concerted and organized. In 2009, when the new US Congress begins, we could all go on the same day and drop a stack of docs on our local US representatives' desks and say, We Want a Federal Investigation We Want Hearings.

That is just one idea. Please, click the docs, read, and cogitate, then email me with ideas:

Page 2

Page 3
Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

READ the First Kenneally letter below:

The above letter from William J. Kenneally to James Francis Cardinal McIntyre, then Archbishop of Los Angeles (April 6, 1959, date of this letter) significant because it references Via Coeli and conversations between McIntyre and Kenneally, who was Rector of St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California, at the time.

Yes, St. John’s Seminary, where future pedophiles were trained by practicing pedophiles, and later turned loose on the Southern California population as parish priests.

QUOTES OF NOTE FROM THE April 6, 1959 Kenneally letter above:

“A recent letter from a priest guest at Via Coeli informs me that they have begun a series of informal lectures there for padres. I do not know whether there is any information between this fact and our recent conversations, but I thought Your Eminence might like to know this fact.”

Reveals that the Archbishop of LA and the Rector of St. John's seminary discussed priests with sexual problems and treatment at Via Coeli in 1959.

Also in the above letter they discuss a pedophile priest Cleve Carey, from the era. We have the Rector of St. John’s Seminary saying:

“Many thanks for deciding the case of MR. CLEVE CAREY whose scrutinium was somewhat uncomplimentary. Actually we felt the same about it as does Your Eminence.”

The Rector of the seminary and the Archbishop of Los Angeles here are talking over Cleve Carey, soon to become a pedophile priest.

And it's 1959!!!!

The Archbishop of Los Angeles talked over Via Coeli including its tours with the Rector of St. John's Seminary. And wait until you see the Bishop Buddy letters about San Diego pedophile priests who went to Via Coeli, soon to be scanned for a post next week.


Dead. Los Angeles. Accused of abuse between 1963-1966. Died 1988. LA archdiocese says 2 accusers. Named in at least 1 civil suit.

This is from the LA Times database in bishop accountability:

(Note seven transfers since the Rector of St. John's Seminary and the Archbishop of Los Angeles discussed him in 1959 in the same letter where they discussed Via Coeli.)

Status: Dead

Named in civil lawsuit and in archdiocesan report.


1961-63 St. Barnabas Catholic Church Long Beach
1964-66 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena
1967-67 St. Kevin Catholic Church Los Angeles
1968-70 Holy Cross Catholic Church Los Angeles
1971-71 St. Luke Hospital Pasadena
1972-74 Little Company of Mary Hospital Torrance
1975-76 St. Frances X. Cabrini Catholic Church Los Angeles
1977- Retired


Each entry represents an allegation of molestation of one plaintiff at the location. Some plaintiffs have accused a priest of sexual misconduct in more than one parish or other location.

1958, 1963-66 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena
1963-64 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena
1963-64 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena
1964-65 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena

Something tells me there are more victims of Cleve Carey.


Read the back and forth between Kenneally and Gerald Fitzgerald in the 1959 letter below:

In the 2nd Kenneally Letter, (at left) we have a banter about AA, and how it calls, “unscientific and outmoded the good old fashioned sensible petition of the Church. Interesting because it shows the friendship and closeness between Kenneally and Fitzgerald.

But the letter (Page 2 at left) also reveals the chism Fitzgerald was beginning to feel as the new secular approaches came in and made his treatment techniques, which were based on prayer and the spirit, seem to be outmoded.

The letter above left shows a pretty close friendship between Fitzgerald and the Rector of St. John’s Seminary, and open talk about the treatment at Via Coeli.

In 1959!!!


August 1960 letter below from Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald to "Very Reverend Provincial"


“In God’s Name, get this man laicized as quickly as possible.”

“Men who sin repeatedly with little children certainly fall under the classification of those who ‘it were b better had they not been born.’

“As a layman, the civil authorities will make short work of his activity and place him in the protective custody that his type merit.

“As there are many little children in this Canyon, where I am the shepherd of souls, I could not in conscience consider receiving him here.”

August 1960 letter to Provincial is below:

ABOVE: In God's Name get this man laicized.
Could they have been talking about Titian Miani?


Coming next week, the San Diego Bishop Buddy letters and a variety of new items to read about Servants of the Paracletes and the pedophile priests who found solace and succor there hiding from the laity in New Mexico . . .

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