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Friday, June 27, 2008

MORE PROOF: Sick priests put in parishes: Minutes of the March 1967 meeting of Servants of Paraclete, 6 pages scanned in here today

Hundreds of pages of Servants of the Paraclete documents are below or linked from this post.

of the March 13, 1967, meeting of Paracletes leaders, six pages beginning at left, at first appears to be a dull read, especially in this 1960s typewriter 9 point cloistered type.

But take time to digest, read through it, it reveals the back and forth discussion that took place between Director Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald, with his pure spiritual approach and John. A Salazar, Ph.D., whose influence was growing.

In the heat of debate over use of private cars for members going to do weekend supply priest work in the region:
“Fr. Feit remarked: ABUSUS NON TOLLET USUS. Everybody laughed.”

(On Page 5 below.)

The Latin translates roughly to:

"The abuse does not abolish the use"

Father John Feit said that in Latin during the meeting as they began arguing, and it made everybody laugh.

Ha. Ha.

Pages 4-6 are below:
Page 5

Page 6

The talk gets hotter after the coffee break. On Page 4 to 6. The minutes show they discussed

The logistics of getting these priests in alcoholism and pedophilia rehab out to their “supply priest” work on weekends in the community.

Should the pedophile priests on weekend leave use private cars?

How much should pedophile priests be paid to do “supply” work in local parishes?

Priests in rehab at Via Coeli, the foremost treatment center for priests identified as pedophiles, served in the local New Mexico parishes on weekends, unsupervised, moving freely through nearby towns on weekend leave, then returning to Via Coeli Mondays to continue treatment for alcoholism and or pedophilia and other “psycho-sexual problems.”


The Catholic Church in New Mexico sent sick priests to do supply work regularly in the parishes within close driving distance of Jemez Springs.




SALESIAN CONNECTION as it was cases against that religious order that produced these docs in the Los Angeles 2003 lawsuits.
THE L.A. Connection through St. John Seminary

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