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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Observations on The Hague document

I've read the Hague document and over the years I've gone to Bishop Accountability where the Database of Accused Priests lists from A to Z all ten thousand pedophile priests identified in the United States, so far.

I reeled in awe at the media coverage of SNAP at The Hague September 14th, then...

POST NOTE a few days later:

One interesting observation: nothing is new in the 84 pages of the CCR / SNAP Request for the International Criminal Court at The Hague to prosecute the Pope.

The document summarizes information that has already been reported, in news investigations and Grand Jury reports, both in the USA and other countries since 2002.

The 84-page report makes me wonder once again, what has SNAP done with all the new stories of abuse and reports of new priests that it has received, for instance, since the Pope visited New York, and SNAP put itself in the middle of all news coverage, saying it had received hundreds of new reports of clergy abuse?

Is this request to The Hague really an aggressive step to prosecute clergy sex criminals? Or is this a step that SNAP knows will not succeed, as the ICC at The Hague was created to prosecute war crimes such as genocide; and clergy sex crimes against children, while horrific and inhumane, are not really the jursidiction of the International Criminal Court?

Is this report to The Hague more damage control, another way to get the SNAP name and contact information into the news to keep SNAP in the center and in control, in Europe now, as they succeeded in doing over and over again for 20 years in the USA, while keeping any other organization from forming to do advocacy on the pedophile priest issue outside of SNAP?

I think SNAP is once again encouraging new victims to bring their stories to SNAP.

Never to be heard again.

Now in Europe, like they did in the USA.

It's eerie. SNAP certainly has bought themselves a couple years of glory and credibility with its September 14, 2011, international press blitz, but in reality, there still really is no network of support for US victims. Most of us are still isolated, cut off, and in no better place than we were ten years ago.

Several of us feel our attempts to start things on our own were beaten down and prevented by SNAP.

All the bishops are still in place, the guys at The Vatican will probably just ignore the CCR/SNAP request.

But SNAP is riding high.
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