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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More damage control by SNAP, now re Hague charges

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They've managed to reduce the whole thing to a 30 second sound byte. Hundreds of thousands of children raped in the name of keeping priests celibate, technically, and it all boils down to 30 seconds on NPR including a phone interview with David Clohessy, so we all can feel as if this whole thing is being taken care of.

In stead there I am wandering drunk with tears pouring down my face on these strange small town streets, how the hell did I end up here? But hey, no, it's all okay because there's David Clohessy assuring the NPR reporter that all this debauchery in the name of God will now be justified, thanks to the efforts of his group called SNAP, so I can just go home and drink until I am not thinking anymore.


Re SNAP lawsuit filed in The Hague today, before you start applauding, look more closely.

In today's media release linked below, SNAP does not mention the group of attorneys in Germany that began work almost a year ago on a lawsuit in The Hague concerning Crimes Against Humanity by the Pope.

City of Angels Blog covered the German lawsuit here last April and has kept a link to that post at the top of the blog since then. Appraently in May 2011, SNAP began its similar efforts with the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, as reported in the news today.

Once again, SNAP is inserting itself into work others are already doing, deflecting attention to SNAP and away from the real activists and, I predict, in six months you will not hear another word about The Hague from SNAP, or about any new victims who've come to SNAP as a result.

I think SNAP's real purpose is to deflect attention away from real work to expose the crimes of Pedophile Priests in the Catholic Church, while promoting itself in the news as an advocacy group for victims. SNAP is a clevery creation of the bishops that conducts damage control, diversion, and counter intelligence, for the Catholic Church.

The Modus Operandi of SNAP in the USA for years has been: Deflect attention away from real activism, draw attention instead to the handful of persons who run SNAP, then drop the ball.

Re today's media events, very few survivors were told in advance about this latest project from SNAP. Some individuals leaked it to me, but today's media events were kept totally secret from mainstream SNAP members and the vast majority of pedophile priest victims in the US, so as few local survivors participated as SNAP could have, without looking suspicious.

Keeping this release secret Makes No Sense unless SNAP's real purpose is to accomplish as little as possible while making it look like they are working and advocating for victims.

They aren't.

Don't be fooled, this latest project of SNAP's is just more Damage Control.

One again SNAP is usurping the work of others, in this case the German lawyers who have been pursuing Crimes Against Humanity charges against the Pope for months. Now SNAP calls this work in The Hague their own and their next step will be to abandon it.

SNAP always takes over work other activists are doing and then deflates it. SNAP has been doing this form of damage control for years in the US and now they are doing the same thing overseas.

Never once in today's releases from SNAP do you hear the voice of the hundred thousand victims in the U.S., always you hear only about the handful of people who run SNAP, and then a handful of "SNAP approved voices" is heard.

Never once does SNAP mention the work that is already in progress in Europe to file Crimes Against Humanity charges against the Pope at The Hague International Criminal Court.

And I'll bet that in six months there will be nothing at all in the news about this SNAP lawsuit, or the other one in Germany, which most reporters will now probably confuse with the SNAP project... That's how the SNAP MO works, deflect attention, then put all the activity into a Sink Hole somewhere between Chicago and St. Louis, where all the information SNAP acquires disappears.

I've been observing this blatant counter-intelligence by SNAP for years now. They conduct Damage Control by taking over any real activist work that is going on. Then they claim that work as their own, so they can then drop the ball and any real attempts at activism will come to a grinding stop.

Watch. It will happen here with these Hague charges as well.

SNAP also beats down people like me who are trying to do something on our own, until we give up.

Here is New York Times coverage of today's events:

Hague Is Asked to Investigate Vatican Over Abuse

Just watch.

That's what I'm doing these days, just watching.

Posted by Kay Ebeling

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POST SCRIPT: And here I am all alone with my observations, cut off from everyone else in a movement that is still standing still.

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