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Monday, April 11, 2011

Responses to call for Evidence re crimes on humanity investigation of Pope by The Hague prosecutor

After our post Thursday about the investigation by two German lawyers into Crimes of Humanity by the Pope, some readers sent City of Angels Blog copies of their letters to The Hague International Criminal Court prosecutor. Click here to read the post and get address to send your evidence - Here are three responses, there is still time to send more.

First from “Teddy”:

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that you sir, as a representative of the United Nations, are investigating the Roman Catholic Church for crimes against humanity. To that end I would submit my own evidence of such crimes as were perpetrated directly on me by and with full knowledge and consent of the hierarchy I will now refer to as the R.C.C.

Like my brothers and sisters most recently in the news in Canada and Ireland, I was also imprisoned in an R.C.C orphanage. This orphanage Madonna Manor / Hope Haven was located in Marrero within the state of Louisiana, in the deep south of the U.S.A...

I was raped and sodomized twice; once in a confessional by Monsignor Raymond Hebert the director of Catholic Charities, which was the organization responsible for supervising the orphanage, and once at gun point by Rev. Gilbert Gauthe who went on to be sentenced to prison after molesting upward of two hundred boys while serving in the R.C.C..

I was sexually assaulted weekly by staff and volunteers who grabbed my genitals, used me to masturbate while I sat on their laps, or exposed themselves to me for their own pleasure and amusement.

For seven years I was subject to being randomly stripped, beaten, starved, physically and sexually assaulted by priests, nuns, seminarians, novices and lay staff all employed by the R.C.C. while senior ordained members of the R.C.C. leadership; bishops, arch-bishop’s and cardinals’ conspired to cover up their own involvement and the involvement and actions of their fellow members and employees.

To add to these insults when I approached the R.C.C. for accountability they told me I was never at the orphanage and the people I identified either never served there or not at all during the dates I’d identified.

Of course, the biggest insult is the collusion of local government officials all around the world who found it selfishly convenient to violate their own laws at the expense of little children………

Please know that there are many more like me, yet they cannot speak from their graves, from the homelessness of street life, or from prisons where their lives- having been devastated by these crimes committed against our humanity- are now destined.

Below you will find my contact information, if I can be of any service to you in your investigation please contact me, I welcome the opportunity to reveal truth.

Thank you for all your assistance in these matters,



Hi Kay.

My Letter to the Chief Prosecutor at the ICC regarding the Charges Against The Pope
To : The Prosecutor
The International Criminal Court
Dr. Luis Moreno Ocampo
Maanweg 174
NL-2516 AB Den Haag
The Hague, The Netherlands

From : Corneilius Crowley

Regarding the Charges of Crimes Against Humanity, brought by two German Lawyers, Dr. jur. Christian Sailer and Dr. jur. Gert-Joachim Hetzel against Dr. Josef Ratzinger, The Pope and Fiduciary Leader of the Roman Catholic Church :

1. the preservation and leadership of a worldwide totalitarian regime of coercion, which subjugates its members with terrifying and health-endangering threats,

2. the adherence to a fatal forbiddance of the use of condoms, even when the danger of HIV-AIDS infection exists, and

3. the establishment and maintenance of a worldwide system of cover-up of the sexual crimes committed by Catholic priests and their preferential treatment, which aids and abets ever new crimes.

I write to give witness to my own story with regard to the first and third charges.

Charge 1.

One of my earliest and most clear memories is of being left at a Convent Boarding School, called Killeshee, Which was operated by the La Sainte Union Nuns, at the age 5 and a half or so, dressed in sandals, socks, short pants, white shirt, a grey jumper, transfixed, terrified to my very core:

I am listening to a Nun who towers over me, as she reveals to me that there is a God who knows everything about me, that I was befouled with the stain of Original Sin, I was

(Dear Kay, I have sent off my letter to the Prosecutor. I have also published it online )

Kindest regards

Corneilius Crowley



Dear Kay

I will send a copy of my book, our story, to The International Criminal Court for submission as part of the body of evidence. Thanks for the notice.
Chrissie Foster. From the website for the book:

Chrissie and Anthony Foster were like any other young family, raising their three daughters in suburban Melbourne with what they hoped were the right values. Chrissie could not have known that the stranger-danger she feared actually lurked in the presbytery attached to the girls’ Catholic primary school. Father Kevin O’Donnell, a long-term paedophile, lived and worked there.

Two of their young daughters became victims of O’Donnell. And once the truth was revealed, the Fosters began a battle to find out how this could have happened. The Church offered silence, lies, denials and threats. Meanwhile, their daughters tried to piece together their fractured lives.

This is the chilling true story that made national and international headlines. Chrissie Foster’s heartbreaking account of her family’s suffering, and their determination to stand up for themselves.

It's not too late to send your evidence to The Hague prosecutor and if possible, please also contact me, Kay Ebeling, Producer of City of Angels Blog with your responses, so we can publish them here.

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