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Sunday, April 24, 2011


I take the blog down for a couple weeks on the advice of my attorney, due to a temporary situation, and several readers have emailed me accusing me of "selling out to the Catholic Church" and "Making deals with the devil." My favorite was the email full of exclamation points saying "SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!"

After producing this blog for four years, I'm amazed that any reader would think I'd suddenly become a colleague with the Catholic attorneys or bishops. I'm just doing what My Plaintiff Attorney advised me to do, taking a short break.

But to be honest, the reaction of some readers is depleting any motivation I have to come back. Do they have reading comprehension problems? Have you paid attention to anything written here in the last four years? After all the work produced here, the news stories published here and NOWHERE else, the criminal activity I've exposed, the victims' stories, the documents I've tracked down and published here that otherwise would never have been seen, the personal emotions I've poured out?

Readers think I'd sell out to the Church now?

It's making me want to just quit. I don't need this kind of harassment from people who are supposed to be allies. Talk about selling out to the devil, how about the people who send me hostile emails, just because I take down a post, even though I said the post will be back in a few weeks, it is just taken down for now? Talk about shame.

There's being damaged, there's living in pain, and then there's just plain being hostile for the sake of being hostile. Many pedophile priest victims have been damaged as much as me, some more some less, but evidently many also have no clue as to how to survive, roll with the punches, and give a person some space to accomplish what they are trying to accomplish.

Wow, I sure do see who my real friends are.

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