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Monday, April 18, 2011

Chicago Archdiocese tries to silence City of Angels Blog (Read story here at City of Angels Blog)

This post has been temporarily removed, it was published a year later here


city of angels lady said...

John Brown of Toowoomba Australia sent this comment:

Reading the doc on Bishop Accountability - writing about the family is powerful - they have exposed a weakness- a weak point - keep this in mind as an expose on family would really encourage them - publishing is powerful

Earnestly - the why you, me any of us can be deceived over and over again is simply because we hold with the beliefs they taught us to hold to - god, jesus, the bible - all of it - I am of the utmost and fully confirmed opinion that whist we retain a smidgen of their poppycock we are prone to their abusive systems and the only outcome available when we retain any portion of their dogma is to leave ourselves open yet again to being deceived and abused once again.

Atheism is the greatest cure available for sexual abuse at the hands of clergy. https://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=question&id=1500922823500&qa_ref=na&notif_t=question_answer

Yes they use the same ploy of bringing up issues with family or a death and dump you back in to a trauma - they are skilled at it - it runs to course for each person who attempts to deal with them this way. The one aspect missing from this thus far is the use of psychiatrists/psychologists reports

Catholicism is a cult - no different from any other cult. Christianity is a cult. Jesus worship is a cult. They all can be used to manipulate you and those who sit in judgment of you, those who are supposed to support and compensate you are all infected by this cult activity - if you believe in any of it you belong to it and they have something to beat you with

2011 is about connecting up, enabling and taking the final step in the healing journey through becoming an activist.

Platform - there is copious evidence, there are copious witnesses. The only thing lacking is an appropriate platform. The final act in that play will the charges of crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court. Should that fail for whatever reason the survivors and victims of these crimes and of all crimes that emanate throughout society as a result have the right to declare war against the Holy See, Catholicism, Christianity and all that it represents.

city of angels lady said...

Comment from Oakland CA:

The Windy City sounds like the right backdrop for these yahoos.

Keep fighting,

city of angels lady said...

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