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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Video: Colbert illuminates John Jay Report on pedophile priest scandal in Catholic Church

“This is not a moral failing by the leadership of the church, it's simply a training issue. Like the new guy putting the wrong type of paper in the photocopier, except it's not paper and it wasn’t a photocopier.”

Video clip from Colbert Report May 19, 2011:

"There is good news," says Stephen Colbert, "the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has released the results of an exhaustive $1.8 million dollar study examining the root causes of this tragic abuse of trust.

"I'm relieved to report that they have found the courage to place the blame where it belongs, on free love in the 1960s.”

The sexual abuse scandal, “this horrible horrible shameful chapter,” says Colbert on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central:

“Was caused by the damn hippies.”

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Video is screen shot by Kay Ebeling,
Producer, City of Angels Blog
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Marci Hamilton says the John Jay Report is a "breakthrough in explaining how an institution that started with Jesus Christ could become the global leader in child endangerment."

Read Hamilton's column Challenging the John Jay Report
"A law professor and victim advocate on blaming the Sixties for child sex abuse"

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city of angels lady said...

(Received this emailed comment:)

Colbert is on target, this is just another failed public relations tactic, the' rcc' refuses to acknowledge its culpability !!!!!

Arthur Jr.

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