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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dream about archbishop and lawyers that woke me up at 3AM just now


I'm in an office building garage, go to the car, see my daughter Lizzie is sitting in the front seat with a cellphone in her ear.

I say, why aren't you in school? You've missed first period.

She indicates the person talking to her on the phone has convinced her not to go to school. In fact the person on the phone is destroying her self esteem, saying something in her ear that is draining the verve out of her, making her feel like she has no value at all.

Then an investigator from Kiesel Boucher’s office in L.A. contacts me and plays me a tape of that phone conversation. It's “Newt Gingrich” who everyone knows is “the assistant to Cardinal Francis George.” Gingrich is the one filling my daughter’s head with garbage so now she doesn't want to go to school anymore.

I contact my lawyer, who I’d just seen at church that morning, and tell him what's been going on and he says don’t worry, I'm working on it, but I can’t stop crying. Because now Lizzie has disappeared. She’s out there somewhere, doing sex industry work or something worse, and it's all because this guy who works for the Cardinal has been putting negative ideas in her head over the phone. I want to find Lizzie to explain that to her.

We're all in this big office building, my lawyer’s office is right next door to the archbishop. The archbishop is in his office with a door opened, his assistant standing with him, she looks like that woman who was a Salesians religious order attorney whose picture I drew and posted on this blog when I was in L.A. I walk in and I say to Francis George, “You fucked with my life, you fuck.” He is disturbed at my choice of language.

I'm crying and crying in the dream, like Jackie Kennedy this person of drama and sadness going through trauma while people are watching me.


Just went to post this dream on teh blog but only just posted it as a saved draft, as my lawyer told me to stop bloggin. When it's okay to blog again, I'll post it and it will have the time stamp of today 3:30 or so AM

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