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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Exhibit 167: Trial Transcript to come Tuesday, Mahony testimony follows, at City of Angels Blog in 2011

(The following letter was read by a Witness for the plaintiffs on March 26, 2009, in the case of Santillan vs. Bishop of Fresno. We will post the entire March 26 trial transcript here at City of Angels 11 on Tuesday January 11, 2o11, followed a few days later by the transcript of the Fresno trial from March 17, 2009, when Cardinal Roger Mahony testified.

(In 2011, City of Angels Blog is at http://cityofangels11.blogspot.com/ titled CofA2011, posting articles and stories by Kay E and other survivors. PippiLeaks will continue at http://cityofangels8.blogspot.com/ posting raw documents that tell the story of the pedophile priest epidemic in the Catholic Church)


"To Bishop Madera.

"This is a duplicate copy of the letter sent to Monsignor dated 5/14/80, 1980.

"Dear Monsignor Herdegen: With God's love, my regret, and our concern for you and for other altar boys and parents that won't know where or what to do, not realizing God is real and Jesus is alive on earth and within our spirit. We know God's holy spirit leads us when we ask him in his name. St. John 14:14. I'm really brokenhearted.

"But trusting in Jesus, that one of my sons came to me thinking I wouldn't believe him because you are our priest and he is a young boy that is still learning to live right with God in this world around us.

"He knows he wasn't interpreting wrong when you started embracing him and kissing him with your mouth open and your tongue

"He knows he wasn't interpreting wrong when you started embracing him and kissing him with your mouth open and your tongue. He was scared and realized he had to leave. But still obeying you to stay a bit longer and him not knowing what to do, but seeing that you continued to approach in another manner, he felt I had to know.

"I hadn't said anything to anybody. I started praying, asking God to guide me his way. Monsignor, I have gone to talk to Bishop Madera about this matter. I'm sending him -- a copy of this letter to him. Before I went and had the pleasure of feeling God's spirit with us in his office and actually meeting our humble Bishop Madera, I had heard and talked to another close friend of mine where you had approached her son in a different manner.

"When my son came to me saying, 'Mom, would you believe me about this matter?' and then this other altar boy, former altar boy, running also scared to his mother, I felt your approaches were not of God but of flesh. His mother wanted to call the police on you, but she realized she would go to another church and change religions. I have asked her to pray for you and to forgive you, because we know that Jesus loves us and if we want Jesus to personally help us and forgive us, then we must forgive you also.

"Monsignor, may God pour a blessing of his wisdom and his spirit upon you for you and all of us to learn his chastisement for us to truly learn to obey him. In Jesus' name I ask, for his is the kingdom, the power, and to him be the glory, amen. Sincerely, with God's love, Angie Delgado."


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