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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Comment at Diva Nerd post Benny Strikes Again

Thanks for your wisdom. For coverage of the epidemic of pedophilia among priests in the Catholic Church read City of Angels Blog http://cityofangels11.blogspot.com and PippiLeaks http://cityofangels8.blogspot.com both blogs written by me, one of the victims who is also a journalist.

The truth about these crimes has never made it to mainstream media as the Church uses a massive PR effort to shut up the victims and keep as little information from being released as possible. We got screwed by the priests, then screwed by the church, then screwed by mainstream media, who, like stenographers, take down whatever corporate entities say and report it as truth.

Thank god for blogs, like this one, which provide the truth while mainstream reporters get their hair done.

Kay Ebeling

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