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Friday, November 11, 2011

Paterno a martyr for the Philadelpia Archdiocese

Paterno is a martyr in the true Catholic sense, giving up his career and reputation to help divert attention from the Philadelphia Archdiocese upcoming criminal trials for pedophile priest crimes:

Construction continues on the Suzanne Pohland Paterno Catholic Student Faith Center in State College, adjacent to the Penn State Campus. Named in honor of Sue Paterno, wife of legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, the center will serve Catholics in the Penn State University family. Joe and Sue Paterno are honorary chairs of the Capital Campaign for the center.

Read more about the tight connection of Paterno to the Philadelphia Archdiocese at this link: http://www.ajdiocese.org/node/422 Paterno and the Catholic Church are part of the one percent of the one percent in Philadelphia.

In the current media chaos about Penn State, don't forget there is a criminal trial coming up in March in Philadelphia regarding four Catholic priests and pedophilia, and right now Catholic bishops are likely loving this diversion of our attention to another pedophile predator coverup by a powerful and adored institution.

-kay ebeling

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