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Monday, June 13, 2011

News Roundup while I Try To Revive

Sounds way too familiar to me:

(From: Texas woman claiming abuse as child by Parma Ohio, priest wants diocese to remove plaque story broke June 5, 2011)

She also asked that the diocese actively seek out other possible victims of Monaghan and offer them counseling. She said the diocese refused all three requests. The nun said to me, 'That would scandalize the parish,'" said Johnson. "They told me, 'We cannot verify your story so it would be wrong to do this to his name.'"

A December 2008 letter to Johnson from the Rev. Lawrence Jurcak, then the diocese's Secretary and Vicar for Clergy and Religious, reads: "We cannot meet all of your requests.

"I trust that you can appreciate the difficulties that we face with an allegation of abuse that occurred more than fifty years ago, and where the accused died more than forty years ago . . . Please know that you continue to be in our prayers."

Like mine, abuse that happened more than 50 years ago. There's more:

PARMA, Ohio -- A recent story about a 65-year-old woman who says she was sexually abused by a Catholic priest when she was a schoolgirl growing up in Parma has prompted other women to come forward with similar allegations against the priest.

Since the story appeared last week, four women who attended grade school at St. Charles in the 1950s and '60s have contacted the newspaper, saying they, too, were groped and kissed by Monaghan, who died in 1967 at age 85.

The diocese [said] the alleged abuses happened too long ago and that there was no proof ... Read entire story


Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope's Adviser

(GENOA) — The latest sex-abuse case to rock the Catholic Church is unfolding in the archdiocese of an influential Italian Cardinal who has been working with Pope Benedict XVI on reforms to respond to prior scandals of pedophile priests. Father Riccardo Seppia, a 51-year-old parish priest in the village of Sastri Ponente, near Genoa, was arrested Friday, May 13, 2011, on pedophilia and drug charges. Investigators say that in tapped mobile-phone conversations, Seppia asked a Moroccan drug dealer to arrange sexual encounters with young and vulnerable boys. "I do not want 16-year-old boys but younger. Fourteen-year-olds are O.K. Look for needy boys who have family issues," he allegedly said. Genoa Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, who is the head of the Italian Bishops Conference, had been working with Benedict to establish a tough new worldwide policy, released this week, on how bishops should handle accusations of priestly sex abuse.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2072613,00.html#ixzz1PBG6ywLt


Oh well, it's getting better; last week I couldn't even open a news story...

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